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Pharmacy Management System

Updates:- Drug QR Code- Google Translate- Invoice Logo- Clickatell sms Api- Sales and expense graph

  • Admin – email- admin@pms.com Password- 12345
  • Staff- email- staff@pms.com password-12345
  • Pharmacist- email-l demian@pms.com password -12345


  1.   Drug Database
  2.  Stock Alert
  3.   Expiration Notice (from 2 months to expire)
  4.   Expired Drugs
  5. Drugs Inventory Control
  6.   Point Of Sale
  7.  Multi User: Admin, Pharmacist, Staff
  8. Financial Report
  9. Profit/Loss Report
  10.  Search Drug by either, Name, Storebox or Company
  11. Day-to-Day Report (Income & Expenditure) 
  12. Load Quantity when Stock is out
  13.  Cost Price, Sale Price and Profit/Loss
  14.  Partial Payment Ability
  15.  Customer Payment History and Due Amount
  16.  Discount Management
  17.  Printable Invoice with QR code
  18. and More…

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  • ERP Software for medical shop