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Our primary goal is to create some new & creative ideas by providing funds,Manpower, Marketing team, Tech team etc.

History: This Company is Running since 2019 by the name of Hzbcoder but In a Beta Mode. From 7 July 2020, The Company is running by the name Of Coderbagh and now the company is focusing On Bigger Projects that can create some effects on Global Market.

Udit Narayan Founder & Ceo Coderbagh

Let’s open your wings to fly in this World. Don’t let your ideas to dump. We all can become Billionaire. We all can create a new empire. Let’s make the world record of having the highest number of Millionaire and Billionaire & convert our state into silicon valley.
My goal is to stop brain from draining and create the World’s best office (better than Google ).Let’s Create Our Own Microsoft, Google, Facebook.Everything is possible. and convert India again a golden sparrow

                                     Karma! karma! karma!

Udit Narayan

Founder (CEO)

Company Vision , Motto And Target


We always Promote Creativity, New Ideas And Truthfulness


We are Hiring Creative & hard working people to solve One Problem in Multiple Ways & produce Highly Effective Ways of technical and digital advancements

Company Vision

Company’s Vision is to Cross The Target Of 10 Billion Doller Till 2023. And create Life-Changing applications Eg: Facebook, Amazon, Google, YouTube, etc. And Also Enter In The Gaming secure.

We are Planning To Integrate AI & Deep Learning in our all applications.

Our Company’s plan is to build different equipment and also solve Common health issues, Agriculture, security.


10 Billion Company Evaluation

 To Build a Research Lab where we will Create, Discover, and Innovate. 

We Want to create a progressive digital marketing system in India.

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